Thursday, June 7, 2018


In the 15th century, a great devotee of Lord Nity ā nanda named Gaurīdāsa Paṇḍita lived in a city on the banks of the Ganges River and was known as Ambik ā -K ā ln ā . Sri Chaitanya-carit ā m ṛ ta , Śrīla Kṛṣṇad ā s Kavir ā ja, describes Gauridasa Paṇḍita as "the emblem of the most elevated devotional service in love of Godhead and who had the greatest potency to receive and deliver such love . Making Lord Caitanya and Lord Nity ā nanda the Lords of his life, Gauridasa Pandita sacrificed everything for the service of the Lord Nity āNanda. "Once Lord Caitanya when preparing to take sanny ā s ī , visited Gauridasa. Accompanied by Mr. Nity ā Nanda Mah ā prabhu informed Gauridasa of his intentions. Hearing this, Gauridasa is overwhelmed with pain taking The fact that those who are in the renounced order were traditionally forced to leave their locality in order to educate people in godly life, just thinking that they could not count on their dear friends as guests in their house, caused him to spill many That is why he asked them to stay longer at home, Śrī Caitanya and Śrī Nity āNanda told Gauridasa that it was not possible, and as a consolation, he was allowed to carve two life-size Deities in neem wood . These were the first Deities of Gaura-Nit ā i, and Gaurīdāsa was amazed at his resplendent features. " Gaurīdāsa , My form of Deity is as good as I am," Lord Caitanya said, "and we will remain forever in your house to accept your service." 
Gauridasa intimately replied: "If these deities are as good as you, then why do not you stay here with me and let them go out and preach Given this request, Lord Caitanya and? Lord Nity ā nanda took a step toward the altar, They raised their hands and became wooden deities, to show that they were identical, the original Deities came down from the altar and went out the door of the temple, Gaurīdāsa felt overwhelmed by this transformation and begged the Deities to return to the altar. At the altar, Śrī Caitanya and Śrī Nity ā nanda stepped back and started to leave, having this vision, Gaurīdāsa he took them and accompanied them back to the altar. Next, the other forms of Gaura-Nit ā i began to walk away. This mysterious exchange was repeated several times until it was no longer clear to Gaurīdāsa who were the original forms of their dear Lords and who were the Wooden Deities. Gaurīdāsa immediately started cooking. He fed the four sumptuously and then offered various forms of worship. In this way, little by little he regained his composure and decided that two should stay at home. Because of his pure love, Nit ā i Gaura stayed with Gaurīdāsa and asked him to take care of feeding them when they were hungry.

(Excerpts from Sri Bhakti- mouse ā kara Sri the Narahari Cakravat ī Ṭhākura , Caitanya Bh ā bhägavata of V ṛ nd ā vana D ā sa Ṭhākura and Vai Sn ava Digdarsani Mur ā rilala Adik ā r ī ) Taken from the compilations made by SG Sādhyā-sresta Prabhu (ACBSP)

One time, Chaitanya Dasa, Gauridasa's foremost disciple, organized a huge sankirtana festival on the bank of the Ganges. Enraptured by the kirtana, Gauridasa's Deities jumped off the altar and joined the Devotees in chanting and dancing. Discovering the Deities missing from the Temple, Gauridasa grabbed a stick and ran to catch Gaura-Nitai. Seeing his angry mood, Gaura-Nitai vanished. At that moment, Gauridasa watched in amazement to see Gaura-Nitai enter the heart (hrdaya) of Chaitanya Dasa. Gauridasa embraced his beloved disciple, bathed him with tears, and said, "You are most fortunate. From today your name will be Hrdaya Chaitanya, one who holds Shri Chaitanya within his heart."

   Since then Gaura-Nitai's darsana at Gauridasa Pandit's Temple is offered in many brief intervals like Banke-bihariji in Vrindavana. To keep Gaura-Nitai from jumping off the altar, the pujaris open and quickly close the curtain throughout the darshana time.